On Wednesday 15th February, Stunlock Studios releases a new champion to their popular arena brawler Battlerite. Raigon is the former crown prince of Quna. He was a well-respected figure among the kingdom’s warriors, until he was exiled due to the manipulations of Pestilus. For now, the arena serves as a decent place to find work and set the wheels in motion for his retaliation.

Valentine’s Day Avatars
Valentine’s Day avatars are given out to everyone who logs into the game between 2017-02-14 – 2017-02-21.

End of Season 1 – Arctic Winds
Season 1 – Arctic Winds ends on February 14th. After the patch rewards will be handed out to everyone who placed in League.

League Avatar Rewards
Avatars based on the season and your highest attained League will be handed out to all players who placed. This will happen for future seasons as well.

Grand Champion Titles
The Top 5 Grand Champions in terms of rating for each queue (solo, 2v2 and 3v3) are granted a unique in-game title, depending on their ranking and queue. This will happen for future seasons as well.

Grand Champion Mount
The Grand Champion Mount is handed out to all players who reached Grand Champion and will be available to them during Season 2.

Start of Season 2 – Tale of Heroes
Season 2 is planned to last until mid April.

Additional Changes & Fixes
See full patch noes here.





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