Battlerite’s Beloved Spring Brawl Returns with a Twist!

Stunlock Studios is excited to announce the beginning of spring in Battlerite, signaling the return of the much-beloved Egg Brawl. From April 17th until May 1st, players will be able to jump into the chaos of this egg-throwing, limited-time game mode. This year players will be able to play as either returning Champion, Bakko, or as the new challenger to the brawl, Raigon.

Eggs won’t just be found in Battlerite, as they’ve also appeared in Battlerite Royale. New Egg Baskets can be purchased during the event, and players need to keep a keen eye out for other eggs hidden across Talon Island.

Also new this year is the Bringer of Spring Bundle, containing a brand-new Legendary Outfit and Epic Weapon for Blossom. The bundle will be available in Battlerite or Battlerite Royale for 400 Gems or Diamonds during this event only.






Johan Ilves
Marketing Director

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