Battlerite’s New Magician Arrives with Illusions and Mind Games!

Are you a fan of magic? Zander “The Magnificent Magician” is the latest addition to free-to-play brawler Battlerite’s Champion roster and will leave you questioning what is real as he demonstrates his mastery of illusion. Zander is a ranged support character with plenty of tricks up his sleeve such as turning into a rabbit, conjuring a mirror image of himself, and polymorphing his contenders into sheep.

When Zander’s famous theatre troupe “The Phantomime Masquerade” disbanded after a series of tragic events, the magnificent magician vanished without a trace. Known for his unparalleled perfection in card trickery, teleportation and transformation, this distinguished illusionist has now returned from the dead to turn the arenas world-wide into spectacular revelries. Hocus Pocus!

The new champion, Zander will be released with a patch coming today, January 17.

Battlerite is a fast-paced arena brawler focused on competitive PvP combat. Players select a champion and engage in quick 2v2 and 3v3 battles to the sound of the roaring crowd in vibrant, colosseum-style surroundings. Since the free-to-play launch in early November, already more than 2 million unique players have tried their luck in the arena, shooting Battlerite up to the ‘top selling’ free-to-play games list on Steam.

Zander, the Magnificent Magician Trailer:






Johan Ilves
Marketing Director

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