Battlerite Royale Release Date Revealed!

Diablo meets Fortnite in one of the world’s first MOBA Battle Royale games, Coming September 26 to Steam Early Access

Skövde, Sweden — September 6th, 2018 — Stunlock Studios’ highly anticipated standalone Battlerite spin-off Battlerite Royale is slated to launch on Steam Early Access on September 26 with a $19.99/19.99€ price tag. Pushing the genre’s boundaries beyond the traditional concept, Battlerite Royale is one of the first top-down action MOBA battle royale games released on Steam, and can be played solo or with a friend.

“Our take on the genre differs a lot from the FPS Battle Royale games out there. Battlerite has always been about arcade-like MOBA action, and we want to stay true to the core of it while scaling up the experience and adding new exciting elements,” says Johan Ilves, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios. “With 20 different classes to pick from, a bird’s eye viewpoint and a unique combat system, we are confident that we will stand out in this crowded market. This is not only the Battle Royale game all MOBA players have been waiting for, it’s a treat for any BR gamer who wants a fresh take on the genre.”

Stunlock Studios today released a community FAQ with more details about the game:
In Battlerite Royale players skydive from the back of a wyvern and land on Talon Island to explore the lush and colourful surroundings, finding a variety of items and intriguing consumables such as barrel disques, rocket boots and bear traps. During fast-paced cutthroat matches players rely on vigilance and quick wits to utilize the treasured collectibles and overthrow opposing players, grab their loot and ultimately be the last one standing. Victory depends on factors such as players’ skill, map awareness and a sliver of luck.

The Early Access launch of Battlerite Royale will feature 20 different Champions to choose from, each with unique fighting styles, so even the most demanding players will find the right fit for their own play style. The signature Battlerite combat and input system will be familiar for arena veterans, though all Champions have been revamped for Battlerite Royale.

Signups for the closed beta are open – enter now for the chance to try Battlerite Royale before the official launch:


Johan Ilves

Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios


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Johan Ilves
Marketing Director

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