New Developer API Introduced; A Step Towards Developing Esports Ecosystem in Battlerite

Skövde, Sweden – October 20th, 2017 – Stunlock Studios today announced its partnership with MadGlory to bring a developer API to Battlerite’s community by implementing the Gamelocker service into the game. The Gamelocker toolkit will provide verified data to players by capturing each match or session played, encouraging community partners to create custom tools for Battlerite.

With Gamelocker, game developers will be able to securely share data through a branded developer portal and SDK. The toolkit will empower the community of Battlerite to build useful tools for the game and join several hundred other developers that have signed up to create and build apps based on data captured from other games.

As with any esport, nothing is more important than the game’s community,” said Tom Carmona, Director of Business Development at MadGlory. “Gamelocker will enable Battlerite’s audience to engage with the game in new ways by making gameplay data easily accessible.

“We are looking forward to seeing our community take advantage of the Gamelocker service and are really curious what tools they will develop for Battlerite,” said Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios. “It’s not a secret, that we strive to see Battlerite sharing a place at the ‘big boys’ table in the esports scene and feel that engaging our community in different ways helps us build a strong foundation to develop our vision upon further.”

About MadGlory

MadGlory is a team of network engineers and creatives who provide online game services for game studios and publishers including Super Evil Megacorp, Riot Games, Bethesda, Psyonix, Kabam and Warner Brothers.  The company offers a suite of customizable tools that provide studios and publishers with a variety of network features including matchmaking, tournament engines, voice and text chat, marketing, telemetry, and more in order to enhance the online game experience.  MadGlory is based in Saratoga Springs, NY.  For more information, visit

About Stunlock Studios

Founded in 2010, Stunlock Studios is one of the leading Swedish independent game developers located in Skövde. With a passion for competitive gaming, the studio crafts groundbreaking and community driven games, always with their players in mind. Previously released titles include Bloodline Champions, and Dead Island: Epidemic. For more information, visit:





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