Battlerite Royale – New Screenshots Released

Stunlock Studios today published their latest Dev Update along with new screenshots of Battlerite Royale, the anticipated MOBA/brawler and Battle Royale mashup coming to Steam in summer 2018. This time the Dev Update addresses the most frequent questions floating around about Battlerite Royale discussing the balancing of champions and revealing current state of the game. In the current alpha build players drop on the island with only their M1 and Ultimate abilities and have to scavenge the rest of the Champion’s toolkit throughout the match. The massive map with various locations and weather effects hide plenty of abilities, equipment and consumable items that might just be the fateful factor determining victory and defeat.


Since the launch of Battlerite, more than 4 million unique players have tried their luck in the arena, shooting Battlerite up to the top of the ‘top selling’ free-to-play games on Steam on several occasions. Each week players get access to six unique champions on free rotation, and every character can be permanently unlocked with in-game currency or in-app purchases. As of today, the “All Champion’s Pack” is available to unlock all 27 current and all future champions for $29.99/ €27.99/23.79£.

Battle Royale Dev update:

Johan Ilves

Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios

Vaiva Vitkute

Plan of Attack on behalf of Stunlock Studios





Johan Ilves
Marketing Director

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